Overview of the ParFE Project

Marzio Sala

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Outline of the Presentation

ParFE is used to perform μ-FE (micro finite element) analysis of trabecular bones, aiming to improve the understanding of diseases like osteoporosis. First, the presentation explains what a trabecular bone is, then why osteoporosis is important, finally what can be done with μ-FE analysis of trabecular bones. A few details on the software components of ParFE are also presented.

Cortical vs. trabecular bone


Osteoporosis (cont'd)

μ-FE analysis of bones

Ideal procedure:
  1. patient performs CT scan of bone under analysis
  2. filtering of CT scan output
  3. generation of finite element mesh w/ boundary conditions
  4. quick problem solution (e.g., on CRAY XT3)
  5. analysis of results: von Mises stresses, strains, statistical analysis, etc.
  6. doctor's diagnosis to patient

μ-FE analysis of bones (cont'd)

This requires:
  1. high-resolution CT scan + filtering software
  2. a mathematical model for modeling trabecular bones
  3. a scalable, robust and reliable parallel solver
  4. data mining techniques

μ-FE analysis of bones (cont'd)

ParFE Software Components